University Coordinates Advising Month For Students

University Coordinates Advising Month For Students

From April 21 through May 19, Cal Poly Pomona will be focused on advising. Success for a student's academic and professional career begins with the information and tools they receive through advising. For 21 days there will be workshops, lectures, pizza parties, department meetings and advising booths designed to answer questions like:

  • What courses will be offered next year?   
  • How is a GPA calculated?   
  • How does one balance sports and classes?   
  • What is plagiarism?   
  • How can one be less stressed?   
  • Is graduate school the next step?   

Advisers will find a number of activities on the schedule to recommend to their students. In addition, students can pick activities that match their interests and needs and fit their busy schedules.  Students who participate will also have the opportunity to win prizes.  

For more information or to see a list of activities, visit