?New and Improved? Graphic Standards Manual Unveils Online

?New and Improved? Graphic Standards Manual Unveils Online
The new version of the university logo features a larger and more condensed logotype.

The Logotype Bar II is an alternative for the Logotype Bar.

A new logotype, an updated logo, Web standards, and an alternative to the logotype bar are all part of the newly released Graphic Standards Manual, which is available online.

After several years of review by the Graphic Standards Committee, this “new and improved” edition of the manual is being released to the campus community this week.

“This version takes into account a lot of feedback received by the campus community since the original manual was published in 1997,” says Aida Morad, director of Public Affairs and chair of the Graphic Standards Committee. “For example, many users found it difficult to use the logotype bar because it requires a bleed, which is more expensive to print,” she explains. “So we came up with the logotype bar II, which is more flexible to use and cost effective.”

“Another major change is to allow the university logotype to be used as a graphic element on its own,” she says. “In the past, the logotype could only be used with the logo. But we thought the logotype was underutilized in the overall graphic standards and can add a lot of impact to the university image.”

Other improvements and changes include:

  • A newly released university logo with larger logotype   
  • Addition of the Bronco logo to graphic elements (primarily for Athletics use)   
  • Addition of “red” to the secondary palette of colors   
  • Addition of a Web graphic standards section   

The entire manual was also shortened and edited, and all graphic elements can now be downloaded in various digital file options online.

“We were not looking to create a new visual identity for the campus, but to use the graphic elements we were already familiar with and just improve them,” adds Morad. “The more the Cal Poly Pomona community uses these elements consistently and correctly, the more were all contributing to a stronger visual image of the university.”

The committee encourages the campus community to use the new and improved graphic elements as soon as possible; stockpiles of existing materials can be used.

The following members of the Graphic Standards Committee have contributed to the new manual: Claire Carreon, Eric Emerson, Ron Fremont, Jerry Lerma, Babette Mayor, Ani Markarian, Michelle Magcalas, Lisa Nashua, Laura Orozco and John Schneck.

For more information on the graphic standards, contact the Office of Public Affairs at (909) 869-3342 or Graphic Communications Services at (909) 869-3300.