Construction to Begin on Modular Classrooms & Offices at Music Bowl

In preparation for Science Building 3's seismic upgrade and renovation project, the university is preparing to install modular units to provide supplemental classroom and office space. These new spaces will help offset the loss of space during construction and serve the needs of faculty, staff and students. Construction of this “modular village” is expected to begin April 6 and is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 9.

Six modular buildings will be placed on the open site known as the Music Bowl located west of Drama/Theatre Building 25 and south of Music Building 24, with all necessary utility connections and surrounding landscape. Four of the units will be divided into seven classrooms that accommodate nearly 400 students; one modular will be an office building with nine faculty/staff offices; and another modular will serve as a men's/women's restroom facility.

Other features of the project will include gathering places, lighting and a pedestrian walkway between buildings 24 and 25.

During construction, the project will have some impact on the campus community in terms of pedestrian access, traffic congestion, noise and dust.

Pedestrian Access

There will be a temporary loss of sidewalk located to the west of Building 25 from start of construction through May. Pedestrians who usually cut through the Music Bowl will be redirected to the existing pedestrian path-of-travel located along Camphor Lane and continuing between Drama/Theatre Building 25 and the Bronco Student Center down to Eucalyptus Drive.

Traffic Congestion

The campus should expect additional vehicular traffic from the general contractor who will be using University Drive (from Temple Avenue to Eucalyptus Drive) and the western section of Eucalyptus Drive (between the Bronco Student Center and University Drive). The general contractor will be accessing the Music Bowl site from the fire access road located between the southern side of Drama/Theatre Building 25 and Eucalyptus Drive from the start of construction through July.

In addition to the pedestrian access and traffic congestion, the campus community will experience increased noise while concrete is being removed from the existing fire access road located on the southern and western edges of the existing Music Bowl from start of construction through April.

Existing disabled parking will not be impacted by this project.

Click here to view a map of the construction area.

The two-year Science Building 3 renovation will begin this summer. (Check back on PolyCentric at a later date when more information specific to the renovation becomes available).

For more information, contact Senior Project Manager Mooris Taylor in Facilities Planning, Design & Construction, at (909) 869-5173.