Woman Injured After Car Crash on Kellogg Drive

Woman Injured After Car Crash on Kellogg Drive
Tow truck operator Pablo Van Dusen of S&J; Services prepares to move a Honda Civic involved in a collision on Tuesday evening, Feb. 7.
University Police Corporal Lloyd Scritsmier assists in the investigation of a car crash on Feb. 7.

A female driving a blue Honda Civic on Kellogg Drive crashed into a pole and then hit a tree near the overpass at Eucalyptus Lane on Tuesday evening. The driver sustained injuries and was transported to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.

University Police were notified of the traffic collision on Feb. 7 at approximately 4:50 p.m. and responded within minutes.

It appears that the female was driving northbound on Kellogg Drive when she seemingly spun out of control as she came around the curve near the overpass. The passenger side of the vehicle struck a pole and spun backward before wedging the rear of the vehicle between tree branches.

The driver was conscious when police, ambulance and fire officials arrived on scene. The extent of her injuries is unknown.

Parking & Transportation Services assisted in containing the scene and re-directing traffic.

University Police are investigating the collision.