Science Building Now Open

Science Building Now Open
Shayna Montenegro sits outside Building 3 after her Biology 301 class was cancelled due to a gas leak in the building on Feb. 23.
Campus officials gather outside Building 3 after a gas leak forced evacuation of the building.

Science Building 3 is now open for classes. Students, faculty and staff in the building were evacuated on Feb. 23 after a natural gas leak was detected. No injuries were reported. The building was closed through the weekend for repairs.

The College of Science Dean's Office notified University Police of a natural gas odor at 2:49 p.m., and officers responded within minutes. University Police and Building Marshals evacuated occupants to the grass area on the east side of Building 8 and others were evacuated between buildings 3 and 4.

The leak apparently came from a half-inch pipe line beneath the building, according to University Police Lt. Daniel Ponder. Facilities Planning & Management collaborated with Environmental Health and Safety to address the problem quickly and efficiently.