University Library Receives $2.1 Million Grant

University Library Receives $2.1 Million Grant
The University Library will use a $2 million grant to strengthen library-based learning.

The University Library has received a $2,129,397 Title V Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, which comes as the library prepares for its upcoming renovation and addition. The five-year grant will be used to strengthen library-based learning through a multimedia library collection, improved learning technology and teaching information literacy.

“The library faces the challenges of maintaining a relevant collection for a technology-heavy curriculum, meeting the information needs of an ethnically diverse study body, and improving student learning skills necessary for a successful academic experience,” says University Library Dean Harold Schleifer. “Although we received funding as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, all of our students will benefit greatly from this grant.”

Cal Poly Pomona is an officially qualified Hispanic-Serving Institution, with at least 25 percent Hispanic undergraduate student enrollment. In Fall 2005, the university's total enrollment of 19,885 comprised 30.5 percent Hispanic students, according to the Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning department.

Specifically, the library plans to use this grant to:

  • Build a collection that supports the study of Hispanic culture as well as brings Hispanic perspectives to the curriculum at Cal Poly Pomona by adding at least 5,000 items of books, media materials and electronic resources (databases and e-books) to the library. 
  • Outfit two computer-based research centers for students and one video conference center for faculty development in the new library building addition.  
  • Implement an information literacy program through a three-tiered (freshmen, junior/senior, graduate/credential) Web tutorial. The program will be a permanent component of the library's instruction program. 
  • Establish an endowment fund that provides continued support of the Hispanic studies collection and maintenance of the learning facilities and the information literacy program. 

The U.S. Department of Education awards Title V Developing Hispanic-ServingInstitutions Grants to assist eligible institutions of higher education to expand their capacity to serve Hispanic and low-income students. Five-year development grants and one-year planning grants may be awarded.

Grant activity has been timed to coincide with construction of the University Library addition and renovation, a $64 million-plus capital project funded principally by Proposition 47, which passed in 2002. The project will feature the addition of 101,853 gross square feet and the renovation of 96,831 gross square feet of people space to accommodate increasing enrollment. This space will include classrooms and other areas to support new technological applications of library research. The current six-story building will be renovated to correct significant building deterioration and hazardous conditions in the outdated facility. Wiring for state-of-the-art computing and telecommunications technology and improvements in Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) access are also planned. The new library will feature an indoor/outdoor cafe, as well as wireless laptop computers.

The library is preparing for construction in Winter 2006, and the project is anticipated to reach completion by Spring 2008.