Student Float Designers, Arabian Horses & Riders Gearing Up for 2006 Tournament of Roses Parade

Student Float Designers, Arabian Horses & Riders Gearing Up for 2006 Tournament of Roses Parade
Cal Poly Universities' design for their 58th entry into the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade is called ?Enchanted Reverie.?
Click here to watch video of students building this year's float.
Cal Poly Pomona?s purebred Arabian horses will be featured in this year?s Tournament of Roses Parade. The university's horses and riders were also in the 2003 (shown above), 2000 and 1997 parades.

With less than four weeks to go, the Cal Poly Universities Rose Float Committee and the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center are in the final stages of preparing for the university's appearance in the 2006 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on Jan. 2.

Students from Cal Poly Universities in Pomona and San Luis Obispo are finalizing the construction and will soon begin decorating their 58th float entry, “Enchanted Reverie.” Campus and community volunteers are encouraged to join in the distinctly Southern California tradition of decorating the float between Christmas and New Year at the Brookside Pavilion on the corner of Seco Street and Arroyo Boulevard in Pasadena.

The float entry, designed to match the parade theme, “It's Magical,” depicts a troupe of fairies who have joined together around their treetop castle to bask in their whimsical wonderland while a friendly dragon oversees their dream world.

In addition to the float, Cal Poly Pomona's purebred Arabian horses will be featured in this year's parade. W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center Director Bill Hughes and eight students will ride the horses, adorned in western, English and traditional Arabian costume. (View a list of riders and horses at the end of this article.) In recent years, Cal Poly Pomona's Arabian horses also rode in the 2003, 2000 and 1997 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parades.

The horses will be the 67th entry in the parade lineup while the Enchanted Reverie float will be 72nd. About two dozen students from Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo work on the Rose Float year round. The two campuses, located approximately 225 miles apart, manage to coordinate the effort to complete the float for each parade. Throughout the 12-month period, both student committees work closely together on the design and construction of their respective portion to ensure the float is built to specification.

Students from the two universities have designed, constructed, decorated and financed entries to the Tournament of Roses Parade every year since 1949. Involvement in this project highlights the Cal Poly Universities' learn-by-doing philosophy as students develop these decorative floats from design conception to welding together steel and pasting petals to driving the contraption down Colorado Boulevard.

To view streaming video of students working on this years float, click here for mid bandwidth or here for low bandwidth.

To learn more about the Rose Float project or becoming a volunteer, visit or contact Janetta McDowell, Rose Float senior coordinator in the Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers, at (909) 869-3642.

The following is a list of the riders and horses in this years parade:

  • Marissa Shotwell-Tabke, Animal Science, riding Barbs Mist 
  • Cori Briggs, Animal Health Science, riding CP Princess 
  • Kate Smith, Animal Science, riding Shame on U 
  • Stacy Sellar, Biology, riding Ama Fire 
  • Claudia Castro, Animal Science, riding Rosetta 
  • Dara Sheinman, Animal Science, riding Dreamy Lady 
  • Andrea Calvino, Communications, riding Al- Marah Cymosmile (Smiley) 
  • Jessica Schaeffler, Art, riding Hey Macarena 
  • Bill Hughes, director of the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, riding Nebular