Body Discovered in Abandoned Hay Trailer

Body Discovered in Abandoned Hay Trailer
Police believe the unidentified body found in the trailer was that of a homeless man.
The abandoned hay trailer is on the western edge of campus.

An unidentified body was discovered on Sunday morning, Nov. 20, inside an old hay trailer on the western edge of Cal Poly Pomona.  University police were notified at 11:30 a.m. by two student workers who had come upon the scene while chasing a stray calf.

The body, appearing to be male, was found on a mattress in an advanced state of decomposition, leading police to believe that he had been there in excess of one month. The decedent is likely a homeless person who had been sleeping in the trailer. There was no immediate sign of foul play.

Details regarding the cause and date of death will be addressed by the Los Angeles County Coroner once the investigation is complete.