PRESIDENTIAL ASSESSMENT- A Message From Chancellor Charles B. Reed

The CSU Board of Trustees has a policy requiring its presidents to be reviewed every three years. It is now time for the review of J. Michael Ortiz, president of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) to be conducted.

This process is intended to provide feedback to the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor about the leadership of President Ortiz and the current state of affairs at Cal Poly Pomona. It should also provide information that will further the university's progress and assist President Ortiz in the leadership of Cal Poly Pomona.

As has been the policy and practice in the past, a number of officers of the university and the chairs of its major constituencies, namely, the Academic Senate, the Alumni Association, the Associated Students and advisory boards, are being contacted for their comments with respect to specific criteria, which are cited below.  A sampling of faculty, administrators/managers, staff, and community is also being invited to submit individual comments.

It is CSU policy to inform the university community of the review and to allow anyone not selected on an ex-officio or random basis to submit comments that respond to the specific criteria.  The criteria are posted at on the CSU website. Those wishing to submit confidential letters should keep in mind that every effort should be made to address the criteria and that neither unsigned letters nor petitions will be accepted. Please do so no later than Nov. 15, addressed as follows:

Dr. Charles B. Reed, Chancellor

The California State University

401 Golden Shore, Suite 641

Long Beach, CA  90802-4210

The written responses will be summarized into a confidential report that will be discussed with Ortiz. The report will be presented to the Board of Trustees.  None of the commentators will be identified by name, and responses will be treated in confidence to the extent permitted by the law.  After the Trustees complete their process, a general summary will be prepared for release to the campus community.

Please keep in mind that this is intended to be a constructive process that should benefit the presidency and the university.

With kind regards,

Charles B. Reed


The California State University