I⁢ Technology Upgrade a Major Step to Single Sign-On

A new technology upgrade by Student Affairs and Instructional & Information Technology (I&IT) now allows students, faculty and staff to use one username and password to access BroncoDirect, Cal Poly Pomona Webmail, Blackboard, WebCT and Intranet Services. Previously, BroncoDirect required separate login information – a BroncoNumber and associated password – from the other campus technology services.

New student applicants will be instructed to claim their assigned e-mail address (BroncoName) and set their own unique password (BroncoPassword) once their admission application has been received.  

Current students, faculty and staff may continue to use their BroncoNumber and associated password (for at least two more academic quarters) or may start using their BroncoName and BroncoPassword now.

In addition, the upgrade will allow users to control their own password and reclaim forgotten passwords instead of waiting for assistance from the Help Desk.

For more information, visit www.cpp.edu/~iit/ or www.cpp.edu/~ehelp/idm/bd-ldap.html.