Faculty, Staff and Students Showcase Agricultural Research Projects

Faculty, Staff and Students Showcase Agricultural Research Projects
Sowmya Mitra lays out posters for his research on turf grass irrigation during last year's Agricultural Research Initiative showcase.

California is, by far, the nation's leading producer and exporter of agricultural products. The campus community and general public are invited to meet some of the faculty, staff and students who are conducting research to improve this thriving industry.

Research projects in progress at Cal Poly Pomona through the Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI) will be showcased on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 3-6 p.m., at the AGRIscapes Center (Building 211).

Currently, 20 ARI projects are being conducted by 13 faculty and staff and 69 students.  Among those research projects that will be featured are: a look at the threat of mad cow disease on public health; development of a flu vaccine and its possible impact on the avian flu epidemic; and folate requirements and the influence of genetics.

“The public would likely be surprised by the scientific rigor and advanced technology being used by today's agricultural researchers,” says David Still, coordinator of ARI. “This is a great opportunity to meet our researchers and see first hand their research and the impact it is having in very diverse areas of agriculture.”

To benefit the state's agriculture industry and consumers, ARI sponsors research in applied agricultural research. Through a competitive grant program, it provides public funds that are matched by industry or federal research resources to support high-impact agricultural research development and technologies that are readily transferable to industry.  

For more information about the showcase, contact Christy Barnecut at (909) 869-3367 or cbarnecut@cpp.edu, or visit www.agresearchpomona.org.