24-Hour Computing Lab Closing After Low Usage

Instructional & Information Technology (I&IT) and the University Library have announced the planned closure of the 24-hour computer laboratory on the ground floor of the library. The lab will close after the end of the current summer quarter.

The first floor of the library is being vacated as part of a major addition and renovation project. The decision to close the lab was based on its extremely low usage and the high cost of establishing a 24-hour computer lab in another location, according to I&IT Interim Vice President Debra Brum.

“We researched lab use from fall 2004 through summer 2005 and the maximum number of students we found in the lab at any one time was seven,” says Brum. “Many times after midnight, we found one or no students in the library lab. This finding, and the fact that there are now more open places on campus with network connectivity, led us to decide not to replace this lab.”

The drop in usage of the 24-hour lab may be related to the increased availability of wireless in public areas such as the Bronco Student Center and improved network service in the University Village.

I&IT continues to provide two computer labs on campus that are open until 10 p.m. weeknights during the main portion of the quarter.  During the later part of quarters, hours are extended until midnight. The larger of these two labs is in the first floor of the Campus Center in Building 97 (room 121). The other is the Computing Commons on the fifth floor in Building 98 (C5-13). In addition, many colleges have computer labs in various buildings that are open during standard business hours.

Wireless connectivity is available in many areas of campus. For details on the university's wireless access coverage area, click here.

I&IT will continue to monitor usage of its labs to assess the need for extended hours.