Changes in Campus Leadership Announced

Changes in Campus Leadership Announced
Lynn Turner
Gary Fredericksen
Daryl Patton

University President Michael Ortiz has announced leadership changes in Student Affairs, the addition of a university auditor and the appointment of a new representative for faculty athletics.

  • Lynn Turner, interim dean for the College of Business Administration and the associate dean since 1993, has been named interim vice president of Student Affairs. He begins his new position on June 18.   

Turner formally replaces Gary Fredericksen, who is retiring from Cal Poly Pomona after serving as the interim vice president for Student Affairs.

“Gary Fredericksen's leadership during these past 18 months has enabled Student Affairs to continue moving forward,” says Ortiz.

This summer, getting the permanent vice president position filled will be one of President Ortiz's highest priorities.

“Through the collaboration and efforts of our search committee, I am hoping to have the new vice president in place by later this fall,” he says. “But, in the meantime, we cannot afford to lose any momentum within Student Affairs, which is why I asked Dr. Turner to serve in the interim. He is an experienced university administrator who will certainly serve the division well.”

  • In addition, the university has had a growing need for a campus-based auditor to ensure that Cal Poly Pomona is in fiscal compliance with the Chancellors Office and other state agencies. Daryl Patton has been appointed the new university auditor.    

A member of the Cal Poly Pomona family since 2000, Daryl has served as the director of operations and the director of business development with the College of the Extended University. In his new role beginning July 1, he will report directly to President Ortiz and collaborate with every campus unit.

  • David Horner will begin his new appointment July 1 as faculty athletics representative, which is recommended by the Senate and appointed by the President to represent Cal Poly Pomona and its faculty in the universitys relationships with the National Collegiate Athletics Association, California Collegiate Athletics Association and the Department of Athletics. A member of the Psychology & Sociology department in the College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences, Horner will replace professor Gary Hamilton from The Collins School of Hospitality Management.