President Ortiz Invites Campus to Participate in State Budget Discussions

President Michael Ortiz invites the campus community to provide feedback on the pending 2005-06 state budget, as introduced on May 16 in a special campus budget presentation in the Bronco Student Center.

“Like with everything in life, there is good news and bad news,” Ortiz explained. “The good news is that the Governor's Compact with Higher Education has some inherent benefits for the CSU and the University of California. Collective bargaining units are now negotiating for the system's first compensation increase in four years.”

“But the CSU has suffered through an unparalleled history of cuts,” he said. “After all is said and done, our 2005-06 budget can be best described as a 'no cut' budget.”

The Division of Instructional & Information Technology (I&IT) has set up a digital Blackboard Budget Caf to collect additional ideas from across campus. The university community is strongly encouraged to take part in this online dialogue about the proposed general fund budget for 2005-06. For more information, visit

A second budget presentation to address the upcoming year will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 9-11 a.m. in the Bronco Student Center's Ursa Major Suite. The event will provide the same information as the event on May 16th, giving everyone an opportunity to learn about Cal Poly Pomona's projected state budget and ask questions from the senior leadership.

“We want our budget process to be as transparent as possible,” said Ortiz. “Because of that, we need those on campus to be involved and informed.”