Faculty Center Hosts CSU Symposium on University Teaching

The Faculty Center for Professional Development hosted the eighth CSU Symposium on University Teaching on April 2, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., in Building 5. Eighty-one faculty from throughout the California State University system, including 19 from Cal Poly Pomona, presented innovative teaching methods at the multi-disciplinary conference.

During the presentations, faculty shared expertise on the following nine themes: active learning; course design and development; collaborative learning; scholarship and community; technology and distance learning; online teaching; learners and diversity; teaching strategies; assessment; and evaluation.   

The symposium attracted 255 CSU faculty from 19 CSU campuses, including 75 from Cal Poly Pomona.

President Michael Ortiz welcomed the group at a luncheon at Kellogg West, and a campus bus tour was available for visitors following the symposium.

The following is a list of Cal Poly Pomona faculty presenters, departments and presentation titles:

  • Barbara Burke, Chemistry, “A Comprehensive 'First Year' Experience for Underrepresented Science Students” 
  • Christina Chavez, Liberal Studies, “The E-Dialogue: Engaging Students' Critical Thinking and Learning Through Technology” 
  • Joseph Duncan, Management & Human Resources, “Using Active Learning Techniques to Enhance or Replace the Traditional Classroom Lecture” 
  • Felicia Friendly Thomas, Psychology & Sociology, “Online Teaching: What Students Report About Their Experiences” 
  • Carol Jones, Management & Human Resources, “Teaching Online Courses  What Do Students Think?” 
  • Hairong Kuang, Computer Science, “Teaching a Parallel Processing Computer Course with Computers” 
  • Carsten Lange, Economics, “Experiencing Service Learning in an International Finance Class” 
  • Kevin Menton, English & Foreign Languages, “Online Student Magazines: A Web-Based, Student-Centered Approach to Composition” 
  • Jon Phillips, Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management, “Empirical Research Projects in Food and Agribusiness Management” 
  • Larisa Preiser, Computer Information Systems, “Towards an Approach to Integrate Service-Learning Into Business Courses” 
  • Dennis Quinn, Interdisciplinary General Education, “The Creative Assignment in the Classroom” 
  • Janine Riveire, Music, “Designing a Rubric for Performance Assessment” 
  • Susan Rogers, English & Foreign Languages, and Sara Garver, Geography & Anthropology, “Visualizing What We Read:  Exercises in Mapping Text” 
  • Olukemi Sawyerr, Management & Human Resources, “Using an Inquiry-Based Teaching Portfolio to Assess What Learners Learn: An example from the capstone course in business administration” 
  • Don St. Hilaire, Hotel & Restaurant Management, “Storytelling in the Classroom” 
  • Laurie Starkey, Chemistry, “Achieving In-Depth Student Learning with Online Pre-lab Quizzes” 
  • Greisy Winicki-Landman, Mathematics, “Strategy Games as a Learning Environment for Elementary School Mathematics Teachers” 
  • Gil Young, Computer Science, “Using a Kinesthetic Approach in Teaching Computer Science” 

The first symposium was held at Cal Poly Pomona 12 years ago and was the brainchild of Carol Holder, founding director of the Faculty Center.