Los Olivos Taking Orders for Thanksgiving Dinners

Too busy to cook for Thanksgiving? For a stress-free holiday, let Los Olivos Catering cook the turkey and fixings. Just $39.95 will buy:

  • 1 fully cooked turkey (approximately 12 lbs.)  
  • 1 qt. home-style sage dressing  
  • 1 qt. mashed potatoes  
  • 1 qt. maple roasted sweet potatoes  
  • 1 qt. fresh turkey giblet gravy  
  • 1 pt. fresh cranberry sauce  
  • 1 dz. dinner rolls  

Also available when ordering are:

  • Turkey only ($25.95/bird)  
  • Extra dressing ($2.50/qt.)  
  • Extra gravy ($2.25/qt.)  
  • Extra mashed potatoes ($2.25/qt.)  
  • Extra Sweet Potatoes ($4.50/qt.)  
  • Extra cranberry sauce ($2.50/pt.)  
  • Extra dinner rolls ($3.50/dz.)  

Orders may be placed by calling Los Olivos Catering at (909) 869-4273 through Nov. 19, between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Turkey dinners are available for pick-up at Los Olivos on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 1-5 p.m. Payment can be made with Bronco Bucks, cash or check. Paying with Bronco Bucks gives you an automatic $2.50 off on the purchase of a $39.95 dinner order.