Agricultural Research Initiative to Showcase Latest Projects

Agricultural Research Initiative to Showcase Latest Projects
Last year's Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI) showcase provided an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to exhibit research projects in progress at Cal Poly Pomona.

Research projects in progress at Cal Poly Pomona through the Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI) will be exhibited on Thursday, Nov. 18, from 3-6 p.m., at AGRIscapes (Building 211).

The showcase event will provide an opportunity to meet ARI scientists and learn more about the latest developments in agriculture.

“I consider the ARI showcase to be a very meaningful part of what we do in the College of Agriculture,” says Frank Gibbons, the university's ARI director and professor of Horticulture, Plant & Soil Science. “It is the one time of the year when our researchers come together to discuss their work. We invite the campus and surrounding business communities to meet our research teams and find out what kind of investigations are under way, and we encourage partnerships whenever possible.”

Currently, 19 ARI projects are being conducted by 38 faculty and staff and 57 students. Research undertakings featured at the event include:

  • A study on the nutritional effects of eating Omega-3 enhanced eggs by Bonny Burns-Whitmore, lecturer, Human Nutrition & Food Science. 
  • New techniques in neutering pets with minimally invasive surgery by James Alderson, assistant professor, Animal & Veterinary Sciences. 
  • An investigation on the regulation of botulism by Wei Jen Lin, assistant professor, Biological Sciences. 
  • An analysis on management strategies for growing healthy turf for landscape and golf courses by Sowmya Mitra, assistant professor, Horticulture, Plant & Soil Science. 

California is one of the nations leading agricultural producers and exporters. To benefit the states agricultural industry and consumers, the Agricultural Research Initiative opens up new avenues for CSU faculty and staff in applied agricultural and natural resources research. It provides public funds that are matched with industry resources to support high-impact agricultural research, development and technology transfer, as well as related public and industry education and outreach.

For more information about the showcase, contact Christy Barnecut at (909) 869-3637 or, or visit