I⁢ Reorganization

The division of Instructional & Information Technology will undergo minor reorganization, effective July 1. I⁢ Networks will become I⁢ Operations. This department will include voice and communications infrastructure services, the information operators (who answer (909) 869-POLY) and now data services. Denny Mosier, current director of I⁢ Networks, will be renamed as director of I⁢ Operations. The data services group, which includes the computer operators in the I⁢ Data Center (98 B1-205/206), has been part of the I⁢ Applications department. I⁢ has made this change as part of an ongoing effort to assure that the organization best matches the needs of the campus. I⁢ Applications, which develops applications software and manages campus databases continues under the leadership of Director Tom Adamski.