CP on Hill Welcomes Second "P" for Pomona

CP on Hill Welcomes Second "P" for Pomona
The newly redesigned CPP sits on the hill overlooking the Cal Poly Pomona campus.
Engineering student Rebekah Baro smooths concrete as she works on the new P that joined the existing CP on the hill.

Cal Poly Pomona?s landmark CP on the hill has finally received an additional ?P? for Pomona.

The third concrete letter was unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony and luncheon on June 1 at Kellogg West. Nearly 70 faculty, staff, students, alumni and university supporters attended the historic event to celebrate the addition and renovation of the university?s CPP on the hill.

?From this day forward we will plant our stake ? or, in this case, our letter ? in the ground and there will no longer be confusion about Cal Poly Pomona,? President Michael Ortiz said at the unveiling.

The Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association, under the guidance of past board member Lowell Overton, organized the project to add the ?P? as a legacy to retired president Bob H. Suzuki and his wife, Agnes. The Suzukis were concerned about confusion between the two Cal Polys ? Pomona and San Luis Obispo.

The original CP project was spearheaded during the 1957-58 academic year by Warren ?Skip? Tyler, who served as president of Cal Poly Pomona?s Interclub Council and ASB vice president. Nearly 50 students were involved in constructing the concrete CP letters, which were completed the next academic year. The engineering club was responsible for drawing and laying out the plans and forming a foundation for the sign; other students hauled cement and rock donated by a local company up the hill.

The recent design of the additional P was created by Cal Poly Pomona art student Katie Sullivan, who submitted her plan into a contest for professor Sarah Meyer?s graphic design/typography class. Sullivan?s design was chosen from 79 entries.

President Michael Ortiz presents a plaque to Lowell Overton, past board member of the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association, who organized the project to add the ?P? on the hill.
A group of Construction Engineering Management Association (CEMA) students work on leg of the new “P” on the hill.

Engineering Technology professor Tom Tice led a group of Construction Engineering Management Association (CEMA) students in the construction of the concrete P and refurbishment of the existing CP.

Ron Simons, associate vice president for University Development, honored Tice and his students involved in the project with golden shovel plaques at the unveiling. Students honored included Rebekah Baro, Jimmy Riordan, Michael Bonser, Alex Carl, Brent Fabian, Keith Jackson, Bryant Obando, Brad Onstad, Miguel Palacios, Marco Ruelas, Scott Tatman and Andy Thompson.

Other alumni, donors, professors and students Simons recognized for their contributions to the CPP project included Pam Brisby, Jill Escoto, Sarah Meyer, Lowell Overton, Katie Sullivan, Skip Tyler, Don Kennard and Jon Lundstrom.

?In the beginning, everyone thought we could just sneak up there one weekend, put up the other P and be done,? said Simons. ?But it became a rather large and successful student project, and we?re very thankful for that.?

As Cal Poly Pomona student clubs continue the tradition of painting the block letters, the campus community can look up on the hill and see a project that ?is a perfect example of the learn by doing philosophy,? said Ortiz.

?It was really an opportunity for us to see our students at work under the guidance of great faculty,? he said. ?It?s also heartening to know that it was a collaboration between Art and Engineering. On this campus, I personally encourage tearing down the fences and working together across different departments.?