Sasser Worm Threatens PC Computers

Sasser Worm Threatens PC Computers

The campus is currently experiencing the effects of the Sasser worm that attacks PC computers running Windows XP and 2000.

The Sasser worm was first detected last week and began spreading worldwide over the weekend. Unlike a virus, Sasser does not travel through e-mails or attachments. Instead, it spreads by itself to unprotected computers linked to the Internet. The worm will cause the infected computer to automatically shut down and reboot several times.

Instructional & Information Technology is asking those on campus who believe their machines have been compromised by this latest cyber assault to unplug the network cable on the infected machine and leave it disconnected. Then, contact the I⁢ Help Desk for repair instructions at (909) 869-6776.

Campus support technicians are collaborating on limiting the spread of this worm. A number of security vendors have issued updates that help remove the worm and protect machines from attacks. For more information on this outbreak and ways to address it, visit