2004-05 PROPOSED BUDGET – A Message From President Michael Ortiz

Greetings ?

The past few days have been extremely eventful for the California State University. Many of you are aware of the six-year Higher Education Compact between Governor Schwarzenegger, the CSU and the University of California. While it still requires ratification from the legislature, the agreement stabilizes our state funding sources, providing opportunity for enrollment growth and an enhanced base budget.

On Thursday, May 13, the Governor announced the 2004-05 State Budget May Revision, which included no changes from the original January budget proposal. This budget calls for a reduction in our general fund base budget of approximately $11.5 million. In addition, it calls for a 5 percent reduction in enrollment (891 FTES) for the campus.

Our budget process this year has been campus-wide in scope, soliciting input and feedback from all members of the university community in an effort to maintain strong lines of communication in this crucial area.

I am pleased to present our proposed budget for 2004-05. We are using the Budget 2004-05 Blackboard site to conduct a campus-wide online discussion of the proposed university budget which addresses these reductions.

To review the content of the budget and take part in the discussion, please visit www.cpp.edu/~president/budget2004.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to this process. I look forward to your feedback.

J. Michael Ortiz, Ph.D.
University President