Ontario Police Pursuit Ends at Cal Poly Pomona

On Sunday, April 25, a police chase ended on the Cal Poly Pomona campus, resulting in shots fired by an Ontario police officer at a suspect.

The Ontario Police Department had been pursuing a suspect on the westbound Interstate 10 Freeway. The chase later changed direction, moving eastbound on the 10 Freeway. The vehicle exited on Kellogg Drive and proceeded to turn right on University Drive and Cal Poly Pomona police were immediately asked to assist. The pursuit ended abruptly when Ontario police officers performed a special maneuver known as a Pursuit Intervention Technique to stop the vehicle, near the vicinity of the College of Agriculture and the Student Health Center.

Shots were fired by Ontario officers at the suspect. He was airlifted to USC Medical Center and his status is unknown at this time.

University police officers were not involved in the shooting. They provided support through control at the scene, ensuring that the area was sealed off and that no one would be in harms way. No classes were in session at the time.

The Ontario Police Department remains the lead agency in this case.