I⁢ Working on Exchange Server; E-Mail to be Slow for Next Few Days

One of the campus Exchange servers is currently experiencing technical difficulties and may result in users encountering slower than normal performance. Instructional & Information Technology (I⁢) is working diligently to resolve the problem.

As of March 11 at 11:30 a.m., I⁢?s ehelp Web site had confirmed that the Exchange problem is a result of a database corruption in one of the two Exchange e-mail database files. In I⁢?s efforts to fix the problem, all Exchange services were moved to one of the two Exchange servers. Because the two Exchange servers typically share the Exchange workload, users will experience slower than normal performance until this issue is resolved and both servers can resume a shared level of service.

I⁢ is in the process of moving all user mailboxes, currently residing on the corrupt database, to the other healthy database. Once all user mailboxes have been moved, I⁢ will recreate the second e-mail database. Upon completion of the new database, everyone will be migrated back to their original mailbox locations. This can all be accomplished without taking the Exchange system out of service. However, until I⁢ has completed the process, which should take at least two more days, users will continue to experience sluggish performance.

For more up-to-date information, visit ehelp, a new online support service available to faculty, staff and students anytime from anywhere, at www.cpp.edu/~ehelp/alerts.html.