University President J. Michael Ortiz

Good morning …

Last week when I attended the Executive Council meeting in Long Beach, I thought that I would come back with information that I could share with the campus community about the Governor's proposed budget and its potential impact on Cal Poly Pomona. Unfortunately, I left with more questions than answers. Many of you have already read the Chancellor's message that begins to address the situation on a system wide scale. The CSU is proposing a number of things in an attempt to continue to provide quality educational services to the students of California. These proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees in their monthly meeting next week. At that time, I hope to have more definitive answers.

Until then, I want to assure you that we will continue on our campus to hold two priorities for budget cuts uppermost in our plans. There are no guarantees, but I want to reiterate our priorities.

  • Providing educational services to all of the admitted students
  • Preventing layoffs

From the beginning of my presidency, I shared with you that maintaining strong lines of communication, through good and bad times, would be integral to my mission. I understand that many of you have budget-related questions about your areas and departments. We are going to try to address those in a special one-hour University Budget Summit on Tuesday, Feb. 24, at noon in the Bronco Student Center?s Ursa Major Suite. This will be the first of several events that will serve as a means to keep you informed and educated. I hope that you can attend.

The Governor has also issued an Executive Order on state agency procedures relating to hiring, travel and purchasing. The senior administration consulted with the leadership of the Academic Senate and the deans to address this mandate in relationship to Cal Poly Pomona. It is important to understand that this is not a university budget saving procedure, but our response to the Executive Order. I encourage everyone to review the three new guidelines relating to:

As more information comes forward, it will be available via PolyCentric. I look forward to meeting with many of you on Feb. 24, and working closely with the campus community as we work hard to prepare for Fall 2004.

J. Michael Ortiz