South Campus Drive Incident

Many may have heard the radio and television reports about an incident that took place near the university last night. In an effort to educate the campus community about the situation, here is the most current and factual information available.

At 9:22 p.m. last night (Jan. 22), Cal Poly Pomona Police responded to a call on Kellogg Park Drive. This area is located between South Campus Drive and Valley Boulevard, just east of the university. A woman, who had been parked on South Campus Drive, reported that she had been abducted in her car and there was an attempted assault. She is not a Cal Poly Pomona student.

As the alleged crime took place off campus, Pomona Police are investigating the case, with collaboration and support from the university?s police department. The safety and well being of faculty, staff and students remains the university?s highest priority. While cases like these are rare instances, it is still important to practice basic security measures and avoid isolated areas where your safety may be compromised. Always be conscious of the surroundings no matter where you may travel.

The university is committed to maintaining the safest possible environment. Should you have any questions, concerns, or wish to request safety and prevention information, contact Kris Surber, administrative services coordinator for University Police, at (909) 869-4139 or e-mail