Campus Urged to Update Anti-Virus Software and Screen E-mail Attachments

All users of Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP are vulnerable to a new mass mailing-worm currently spreading across the Internet. The worm contains random file-attachments including extensions of .exe, .pif, .scr and .zip. The outbreak is expected to continue and Instructional & Information Technology (I⁢) strongly recommends that all users update their anti-virus protection immediately.

The worm spreads via e-mail in messages with varying content with random attachment names. Subject lines may include but are not limited to ?hi? ?hello? and ?STATUS.?

The worm performs several functions at once, including:

  • Extracts e-mail addresses from personal Outlook address books and sends copies of itself
  • Opens the infected computer to the worm creator
  • Gathers and sends information about PayPal and E-Gold accounts on the computer to the worm creator

DO NOT open these attachments, as they may cause the virus to propagate to your machine. If you have opened these attachments, I⁢ suggests that you shut off your machine and get help from your department technician or from the Helpdesk at (909) 869-6776. If you did not open the attachment, delete the message, and double-check that your virus scanning software is up to date. To update anti-virus software, visit or This will help protect the computers and the campus network from the impact of the worm.

The I⁢ Help Desk will continue to post updates on this issue at