2004 Rose Queen and Court Visit Cal Poly Universities' Rose Float Project

2004 Rose Queen and Court Visit Cal Poly Universities' Rose Float Project
Rose Queen Megan Chinen and her court of princesses smile during a visit to Cal Poly Pomona.
Members of the Rose Float Club escort the Tournament of Roses Queen and Court on their way to lunch.
A rendering of the 2004 Cal Poly Universities Rose Float, ?Bob?s Barnacle Band.?

The 2004 Rose Queen and Tournament of Roses Royal Court visited Cal Poly Pomona on Nov. 20 to learn more about this year?s Cal Poly Universities Rose Float, as well as meet the students involved in the project.

Newly crowned Rose Queen Megan Chinen and the six princesses attended a special luncheon with faculty, staff and students at The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch.

?I?m so thrilled to be here this afternoon,? said Chinen. ?It?s been a pleasure getting to know those involved in creating the float.?

Chinen, a 17-year-old La Salle High School senior, was crowned the 86th Rose Queen on Oct. 21. Accompanying Chinen on this visit was princesses Stephanie Barnes, 17, La Cañada High School; Katherine Koch, 17, John Marshall Fundamental High School; Erinne La Brie, 17, Arcadia High School; Natalie Matsumoto, 16, San Marino High School; Christina Mills, 17, La Salle High School; and Laura Stassel, 17, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy.

The Rose Parade entry is something Cal Poly Pomona is known for, President Ortiz told the crowd in his welcoming address at the luncheon.

?I?d like to recognize and thank the Rose Float Club and others involved for their commitment to carrying on 56 years of tradition,? he said.

The theme of this year?s Tournament of Roses Parade is ?Music, Music, Music.? Cal Poly Universities? float project, ?Bob?s Barnacle Band,? depicts a sea creature band, led by its skeleton conductor, playing on a sunken pirate ship. Once a mighty vessel, the pirate ship is now broken in two and provides the perfect stage for a band of eccentric creatures and their instruments. As the starfish singer makes its entrance crooning from a large clamshell, the band's audience of fish and crustaceans frolic and dance among treasure chests, barrels, coral and seaweed. While the skeleton lookout watches from the crow?s nest and the helmsman steers the ship along the sea floor, “Bob's Barnacle Band” continues to make music somewhere beyond the sea.

?Bob?s Barnacle Band? marks the 56th consecutive Cal Poly Universities entry into the Rose Parade. The project ? involving both the Pomona and San Luis Obispo campuses ? is the only float entry designed, constructed, decorated and financed entirely by students.

To learn more about the Rose Float project, visit www.cpp.edu/~rose_float or contact Janetta McDowell, Rose Float senior coordinator in the Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers, at (909) 869-3642.