REORGANIZATION IN ACADEMIC AFFAIRS A Message From President J. Michael Ortiz

REORGANIZATION IN ACADEMIC AFFAIRS  A Message From President J. Michael Ortiz
President J. Michael Ortiz

As President, I am committed to maintaining strong lines of communication, ensuring that our campus community is well informed on decisions surrounding policies and programs. Please allow me to bring you up to date on some pertinent issues relating to the restructuring of the Academic Affairs division.

As all of you know, I recently appointed Tomás Morales to serve in the interim role of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. It was essential that we bring some strong and stable leadership to this crucial position, and Dr. Morales has certainly filled that bill.

Once I came on board, I asked Dr. Morales to develop an academic plan that would address service learning, funding for research, outcomes assessment and improving institutional research. The Provost then developed a comprehensive restructuring plan, including the need for an Associate Provost, an AVP for Graduate Studies and Research, an Executive Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning, and an Executive Director of Academic Resources. None of these positions required the addition of new funding or new MPP slots.

After a comprehensive review process, which began in August, both the Academic Senate Chair and Steering Committee supported the reorganization plan. Thus, I have directed Dr. Morales to move forward on the implementation of the plan.

The new reorganization plan consists of the following:

  • The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies will replace the existing AVP for Academic Programs. The Associate Provost must have a strong commitment to the development of undergraduate education, a commitment to the principles of teamwork, be able to work very closely with faculty, deans and department chairs and possess strong interpersonal, organizational and management skills. I am approving Dr. Morales' recommendation to reassign Dr. Debra Brum to this position.
  • The Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research will also serve as the Director of Sponsored Research. This position will be expected to provide stewardship in these two areas by working closely with faculty, deans, department chairs, and college-based graduate coordinators with the goal of increasing external funding in the area of grants and contracts. Dr. Elhami Ibrahim will now assume this new charge, using the MPP line vacated by the departed Director of Sponsored Research to fill this position.
  • The Executive Director for Academic Resources (EDAR) will report to the Provost and Academic Vice President and serve as a member of his executive staff. Bob Charles will serve in this role. The EDAR serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Division of Academic Affairs.
  • With the appointment of Dr. Brum as Associate Provost, a national search for a new Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs will result in a Fall 2004 appointment. This position serves as the labor designee, liaison with all departmental and university RTP committees, liaison and support to the Academic Senate, including coordinating responses to Academic Senate Referrals, and serve as the liaison with the CFA. In addition, the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs will oversee the Faculty Center for Professional Development and manage the RTP process and the Lecturer Support Program. We will conduct an internal search for the position of interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs immediately.
  • The Executive Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning is a new position, the result of bifurcating the current portfolio of the Executive Director of Academic Resources and Institutional Research and Planning. It is clear from the WASC 2000 visit report and conversation with the WASC Action Team, as well as faculty and staff throughout the campus that the university needs to strengthen the leadership and institutional research infrastructure to support the data analysis needs of the faculty and administration. We will conduct a national search for this position, which will report directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Thank you for letting me bring you up to speed on this important issue. Best wishes as we head into the final half of the fall quarter.

J. Michael Ortiz