Bronco Bookstore Receives Facelift

The Bronco Bookstore is celebrating a grand reopening this week that includes a sale of 20 percent off all Cal Poly Pomona clothing through Friday, Oct. 17.
This summer, the first floor of the bookstore was remodeled to provide better use of space and convenience for customers. The bookstore removed its Pony Express to make way for additional racks of Bronco gear and new display space due to the recent addition of a Pony Express convenience store inside the new Bronco Student Center. In addition, one of the two staircases was taken down and new flooring was installed. The Bronco Bookstore has a ?friendlier? look at the entrance of the store with the relocation of the cashiers and customer service counter.
For more information, call the bookstore at (909) 869-4693.