Faculty Showcase Agricultural Research Projects

Faculty Showcase Agricultural Research Projects
Douglass Lewis, chair of the Human Nutrition & Food Science department, describes his research during the 2002 Agricultural Reasearch Initiative Showcase.

Research projects in progress at Cal Poly Pomona through the Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI) will be exhibited on Thursday, Oct. 2, from 3-6 p.m. at the university?s AGRIscapes Center.

Currently, 19 ARI projects are being conducted by 33 faculty and staff and 101 students. Among those research undertakings are:

  • An investigation of the bacteria that causes botulism in people and animals to learn how to prevent food-borne botulism by Wei-Jen Lin.
  • The relationship between low folate levels and birth defects, heart disease and certain cancers by Marie Caudill.
  • The development of a hybrid lettuce with the shelf life of iceberg lettuce, and the taste and nutritional value of leaf type varieties by David Still.
  • A study of functional foods that could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in young Hispanic adults by Douglas Lewis.

California is one of the nation?s leading agricultural producers and exporters. To benefit the state?s agricultural industry and consumers, the Agricultural Research Initiative opens up new avenues for CSU faculty and staff in applied agricultural and natural resources research. It provides public funds that are matched with industry resources to support high-impact agricultural research, development and technology transfer, as well as related public and industry education and outreach.

For more information about the showcase, contact Christy Barnecut at (909) 869-3637 or cbarnecut@cpp.edu, or visit www.agresearchpomona.org.