Business Intelligence Analyst Chuck Walker ?89 Running for California Governor

Business Intelligence Analyst Chuck Walker ?89 Running for California Governor
Chuck Walker, '89, business administration

Cal Poly Pomona alumnus Chuck Walker is one of 135 candidates in the election race to replace California Governor Gray Davis if he is recalled. Walker, ?89, business administration, is a 47-year-old business intelligence analyst for Seagate Technology.

Walker lives in Scotts Valley with his wife of 13 years, Laura, and their two sons. His political experience includes serving as mayor of Scotts Valley in 2000; city councilman from 1996-99; and planning commissioner in 1995.

“I am not satisfied with the mainstream choices we are being offered for governor,” says Walker, a Republican. “None of them seem to have a grasp on the economic issues surrounding the budget deficit. I have political experience, a solid economic recovery plan ? both short term and long term ? and a great education from Cal Poly Pomona.”

As a student at Cal Poly Pomona, Walker obtained his bachelor?s of science in business administration with an emphasis in marketing management in just three years while working a 30-hour per week job.

“I didn't have much time for anything outside of work and studying. It got pretty hectic at times,” he says.

As a business intelligence analyst for a company that manufactures computer hard disc drives, Walker gathers and disseminates data from various company departments.

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