CSU Board of Trustees Approve Fee Increase

CSU Board of Trustees Approve Fee Increase

The California State University Board of Trustees voted to raise yearly fees by $474 for undergraduate students and $522 for graduate students on Wednesday, July 16. The decision, which means a 30 percent increase, will take effect fall 2003.

Cal Poly Pomona President Bob H. Suzuki attended the Board of Trustees? regularly scheduled meeting.

?Increasing student fees is never an easy decision for the CSU Trustees because of the pain it inflicts on students and their families,? Suzuki said. ?Cal Poly Pomona and the CSU have always been committed to quality, access and affordability. However, with the draconian economic crisis facing the state and after considering every possible alternative, I believe the Trustees had no choice but to increase the fees to maintain quality and access.?

Even after the increase, Cal State undergraduate fees will continue to be the lowest in the nation when compared to similar public higher education institutions.

?While affordability is detrimentally affected with the increase, CSU fees still remain about one-half of the national average at other comparable institutions,? Suzuki added. ?Moreover, the most needy students constituting about one-third of all students will have their fee increase covered by financial aid. If fees were not increased, Cal Poly Pomona and the other CSU campuses would have to turn away thousands of qualified students and would not be able to offer all the classes students need, thus, delaying their graduation and entry into the workforce by as much as a year. The economic cost of these consequences to individuals and the state would be far greater and more damaging than the fee increase.?

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