CP on Hill Slated to Get Another 'P' for Pomona

CP on Hill Slated to Get Another 'P' for Pomona
Two students walk across the large CP on the hillside at Cal Poly Pomona. The university's Alumni Association plans to add another P for Pomona to the lettering.

(L to R) Jon Lundstrom, Agnes and Bob Suzuki and Lowell Overton hold the winning design of the new CPP logo on the hill.

The university?s landmark CP on the hill will soon receive an additional letter ? another P. The Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association has taken on the project of adding the P for Pomona in honor of retiring President Bob H. Suzuki.

“It?s a tribute to President and Mrs. Suzuki,” says Rachiel Lucero, development associate/special projects for University Development and project coordinator. “They?ve always been concerned about Cal Poly Pomona having its own identity separate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.”

Past Alumni Association presidents Jon Lundstrom and Margo Morales, and past association director Lowell Overton presented Suzuki with the design of the additional P on May 22.

“The Alumni Association wanted to do something for President Suzuki because he?s been a very strong supporter of the association,” says Overton. “In addition, over his 12 years, more than $200 million has gone into building new facilities. Because the university has changed so much for the better during his tenure, we would like to honor him by enhancing a landmark that has been at the university for 40 years so that it will last at least another 40 years.”

The design of the additional P was created by Cal Poly Pomona art student Katie Sullivan. Sullivan submitted her plan into a contest for professor Sarah Meyer?s graphic design/typography class. Sullivan?s design was chosen from 79 entries, and she received a $250 award for her winning entry at the design unveiling.

Engineering Technology professor Tom Tice will lead a group of Construction Engineering Club students in the construction of the concrete P and refurbishing of the existing CP. The new CPP design is scheduled for completion during this academic year.

The historic CP concrete letters have adorned the hillside since 1959. Warren “Skip” Tyler, then president of Cal Poly Pomona?s Interclub Council and ASB vice president, spearheaded the original CP project in 1958.

Tyler, who attended the May 22 event, shared some of the history behind the origin of the existing letters.

“There was a growing tradition all around the country for many schools and cities to have their initials on a hill somewhere,” recalls Tyler. “We already had our letters up but they weren?t on school property, so we took them down and put up good sized letters in a prime location on Kellogg Hill where people driving up Valley Boulevard could see them.”

Nearly 50 students were involved in constructing the concrete CP letters. The engineering club was responsible for drawing and laying out the plans and forming a foundation for the sign; other students hauled cement and rock donated by a local company up the hill.

“We had students up there mixing cement and others with shovels, hoes and picks shoveling it into the mold,” says a reminiscent Tyler. “I drove a Caterpillar bulldozer with about 300 gallons of cement up that hill. We had to work pretty fast, but we had a lot of fun.”

Today, Cal Poly Pomona student clubs continue the tradition of trekking up the hill to paint the CP letters.

Tyler says the addition of a P is a great idea. “It?s a tribute to all the students and faculty in the ?58 realm who contributed their time and effort to putting those letters up there,” he says. “It?s turned out to be quite a standing tradition and I?m just really happy that I was a part of it.”

The Alumni Association, which has already earmarked $3,500 toward this project, is asking for donations, both monetary and in the form of materials such as rebar and cement that can be used to create the new P. For more information on this project or to make a donation, contact Lucero at (909) 869-4799.