Computer Virus Alert

A virus has caused forged messages to be sent on campus. The message appears to be from, states that your email address will be expiring, and asks you to open an attachment for more information. DO NOT open this attachment, as this may cause the virus to propagate to your machine. We believe this affects only users of Microsoft Windows.

I⁢ staff are analyzing the issue and will provide more information as it becomes available. If you have opened the attachment to this message, I⁢ suggests that you shut off your machine and get help from your department technician or from the Helpdesk at (909) 869-6776. If you did not open the attachment, delete the message, and double-check that your virus scanning software is up to date. The virus scanning software companies are currently developing a scanning “signature” for this virus ? some have posted these signatures and some have not ? so you should check frequently for updates.

Michael Berman
Vice President, I⁢