We at Cal Poly Pomona take pride in our work ethic and we are committed to operating with a high degree of integrity. This not only applies to our academic programs, but in our administrative processes as well. As an agency that is governed by state and federal laws, we are constantly seeking new and better ways to ensure that we can all work in an environment where illegal acts, misuse or abuse of state property or time, or gross misconduct does not exist. Improper activities are not tolerated at Cal Poly Pomona and will be dealt with accordingly.

Equally as important is the right of an employee to advise or make it known that an improper act has occurred. The California Government Code 8548 requires that the CSU undertake a campaign to inform employees of the California Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA).

In regards to Senate Bill 413, which added California Government Code 8548 to the WPA, the State Auditor is requiring that the following message be sent to each Cal Poly Pomona employee:

Ready ? Set ? Blow the Whistle on State
Government Fraud and Waste

The California Whistleblower Hotline, 1 (800) 952-5665, gives you the opportunity to report the improper activities of state agencies or employees.

The Bureau of State Audits (BSA), operator of the Hotline, investigates:

  • Illegal acts such as theft, fraud or conflicts of interest by state employees
  • Misuse or abuse of state property or time by state employees
  • Gross misconduct, incompetence or inefficiency by state employees

Remember! The BSA can only follow up on state government improprieties. They do not investigate misconduct by federal or local governments or by private businesses or organizations.


You have two ways to share information with the BSA:

1. Call the toll free Whistleblower Hotline at 1 (800) 952-5665.
2. Mail your information to:
Bureau of State Audits
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95814

The BSA cannot accept complaints via their Web site or e-mail.


The BSA reviews all tips and investigates whenever possible. Although they have no enforcement power, they keep the ball rolling by reporting investigations that substantiate improprieties to:

  • The head of the agency involved
  • The attorney general or other enforcement agencies, legislative committees and any other authority with jurisdiction
  • The general public, keeping your identity confidential


The California Whistleblower Protection Act goes to bat for you.

  • It requires the BSA to protect your identify (except from law enforcement).
  • It helps guard against intimidation, threats, or coercion by state employees that could interfere with your right to disclose improper government activities.
  • It shields you from reprisal, retaliation, threats, or coercion for reporting such information.


  • If you?re a state employee, contact the State Personnel Board in writing at 801 Capitol Mall, MS53, Sacramento, CA 95814. For additional information, call (916) 653-1403.
  • University of California (UC) has its own system. If you work for UC, check the BSA Web site,, for a link to information on its current policy.
  • California State University (CSU) has its own system. If you work for CSU, check the BSA Web site,, for a link to information on its current policy.

The university has also been provided a poster with all pertinent information
relating to the California Whistleblower Protection Act and Cal Poly Pomona. For a copy, link to

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this memo, I encourage you to contact the BSA, or you may phone Vinita Dhingra, executive director, Office of Diversity, for the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona at 3801 West Temple Ave., Pomona, CA 91768. She may be reached at (909) 869-3766. She has been designated as the person on campus to receive protected disclosures and answer questions about these policies.

Bob H. Suzuki