As most of you have been reading in the newspapers and hearing on television, we are still far from having a state budget approved for 2003-04. The University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC), however, has finished its work on campus budget reductions for the 2003-04 fiscal year and will forward its proposal to the president very soon. The details of the final campus budget reductions, as approved by the president, will be communicated as soon as the president has concluded his review of our proposal.

UBAC's work was focused on two priorities: (1) delivery of instruction to our students and (2) protection of jobs as much as possible. Their proposed reductions correspond to the reductions called for in the Governor's May Revise Budget, plus an additional $69.5 million reduction to the CSU, which is highly likely to occur. If further reductions are required in the final signed state budget, UBAC and the Division Budget Committees may need to reconvene and make changes to our proposed reductions. I do want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have served on the various budget advisory committees for your hard work on a difficult task.

In the meantime, the State Controller has issued the following information regarding state expenditures that can be anticipated after July 1, if no state budget is in place. To view this his letter, visit The issue of wages is addressed in the next to last paragraph of Mr. Westly's letter. His statements indicate that wages will be paid for July (August 1 checks) and perhaps August (September 1 checks). But, without a state budget in place, he does not speculate beyond that time frame. Clearly, there is a lot of pressure on our legislators to get a state budget sooner rather than later and this communication is another method of applying pressure.

This is all we know at this time. I will keep you informed as I get information.

Patricia L. Farris
Vice President, Administrative Affairs