Future Engineers Showcase Year-Long Efforts at Projects Symposium Day

Cal Poly Pomona engineering students who have labored on rigorous projects throughout the year will showcase their work during the Engineering Projects Symposium on Friday, May 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the Engineering Complex (Buildings 9 and 17).

The symposium gives students an opportunity to exhibit results of individual and team-based efforts to faculty, industry representatives, other students and guests. This is a significant learning experience stressing multidisciplinary challenges, teamwork, organization and communication ? important elements in an engineering career.

About 400 students will take part in nearly 80 projects, including some real-life challenges funded by companies. Examples of presentation topics include: an analysis of traffic conditions between Cal Poly Pomona and the 57 Freeway at Temple Ave.; the design and selection of materials for hip joint prosthesis; and the design of a mini-hydro plant for the city of Phelan.

A schedule of events for Project Symposium Day and abstracts are available online at www.cpp.edu/~engineering/dataweb/symposium/Intro.html.