What?s New at ASI

Associated Students Inc. has recently appointed a new director of business services and partnered with the art department to initiate an Art Internship Program.

New Director of Business Services Announced
John Kim began serving as ASI?s director of business services on Feb. 3. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of all ASI accounting operations and assists in financial aspects of the University Union Improvement Project. He also serves on a variety of committees and advises ASI student leaders on finance-related matters.

Internship Program to Enhance University Union Art
ASI and the Art department have initiated a new Art Internship Program this quarter to help identify and acquire artwork for the recently expanded University Union, set to open this spring.

Student interns hired through the Art department have begun developing and maintaining a database of art in the University Union?s Permanent Collection. They will also coordinate and facilitate the acquisition of artwork for the University Union and assist in searching for grant funding for the program.

The program will explore the development of service learning and educational program initiatives between the Art department, the local community and ASI.