University Art Gallery Exhibit Interstices Explores the Space Between

University Art Gallery Exhibit Interstices Explores the Space Between
Portrait of Jacqueline Cooper by Linda Kroff.
Portrait of Linda Kroff by Jacqueline Cooper.

Artists search for middle ground in the exhibit Interstices at the W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery from March 6 through April 12.

An interstice is defined as a space between two things. The exhibit is a demonstration of how people deal with their surroundings and define themselves by what they are around. Five artists and one mathematician chose to work in pairs to see what artwork would be created between them. Jacqueline Cooper partnered with Linda Kroff; Diana Kunce worked with Kara Maria; and Nancy Macko chose to collaborate with mathematician Robert Valenza. The collaborations resulted in three sets of work that represent interstices between the artists and reflect the negotiations each artist made within his or her pairing.

Maria and Kunce explored their personal history in geographic terms. Each photographed panoramic images from their respective hometowns, then combined both sets of photographs. Each artist reproduced those images that struck them as relevant revealing stylistic differences upon completion.

Kroff and Cooper documented their similar backgrounds through large format photography, small intimate drawings and paintings. They crafted portraits of each other and illustrated the passage of time with skin markings, age spots, scars and blemishes.

Macko and Valenza searched for moments linking art and mathematics through visual representation and examination of the ?space? between prime numbers.