STATE BUDGET UPDATE – A Message from Patricia L. Farris

The CSU Chancellor's Office has provided a list of questions and answers for our convenience as we attempt to communicate the impact of the Governor's 2003/04 budget. I thought it might be helpful to share it with the entire campus community.

The Legislature is far from finished with their work regarding the state budget and no one is taking any bets that we will have a budget by July 1. However, as time moves forward and newspapers try to interpret the many actions of the legislators, the contents of the budget can become even more confusing.

While we are still attempting to calculate the impact to Cal Poly Pomona, the campus and the CSU are planning for 2003-04, using the assumptions in the Governor's budget. We do know that the fate of the proposed fee increase and funding for the FTES growth, both of which are included in the Governor's budget, are critical to Cal Poly Pomona's ability to serve the 5.5 percent enrollment growth expected in 03/04.

Our Division Budget Advisory Committees are hard at work developing budget reduction scenarios for 03/04, as well as outcome reports for the budget allocations of 01/02. The University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) will meet again on March 4 to receive a budget status report and review trend data. UBAC weekly meetings will begin in April at which time the work of the division committees will have been completed and be ready for presentation.

As additional information is made available, I will post it on PolyCentric.

Please take the time to educate yourself with the budget related issues by linking to the CSU site.

If you have further questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

Patricia L. Farris
Vice President, Administrative Affairs