Reed: Budget Timing Creates ?Risk? for CSU

Reed: Budget Timing Creates ?Risk? for CSU
CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed

The California State University must make its fall admission decisions long before the university has received a final budget for the year, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed told the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee?s education panel on Monday in Sacramento. In a difficult year when the CSU may be facing severe cuts to its budget, Reed said, the CSU takes the risk of enrolling students it is not funded to serve.

?The CSU always has to make careful estimates on enrollment for the year ahead, and this year is no different. We are moving forward with the best information we have at this time,? Reed said. ?But if the state budget is not finalized until the fall, and if the CSU is asked to take even deeper cuts than it is preparing for, the CSU may not be able to provide courses and sections for the students it has enrolled.?


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