Changes at the International Center

The International Center has recently undergone staff changes. A search for a new director will begin in the fall. In the meantime, the center will be facilitated by the following:

  • Judy Mitchell, responsible for international students and scholars, can be reached at (909) 869-3335.
  • Ying Cao, responsible for study abroad and faculty overseas programs, can be reached at (909) 869-2036.
  • Randy Burger, responsible for international student recruitment, pre-admission advising and international student activities, can be reached at (909) 869-3992.
  • Doug Glaeser, responsible for international training programs, can be reached at (909) 869-4944.

For more information about the International Center, contact the receptionist Gail Nalbandian at (909) 869-3267, or Van H. Garner, dean of the College of the Extended University, at (909) 869-2279.

?The International Center remains committed to student and faculty programs abroad, and will continue its recent initiative to better serve international students and to create better ways to facilitate their interaction with non-international students,? says Garner.