Apparel News Day Introduces High School Students to All Aspects of Fashion Industry

Apparel News Day Introduces High School Students to All Aspects of Fashion Industry
Cynthia Regan, associate professor in Apparel Merchandising & Management, demonstrates on a sewing machine during a high school tour on Apparel News Day.

High school students watch a conveyor belt carry items to separate sewing stations during a tour of the Apparel Merchandising and Management facility.

Local high school students interested in a career in the fashion industry recently attended Cal Poly Pomona?s Apparel News Day where they learned more about the university?s Apparel Merchandising and Management (AMM) program.

More than 260 students and teachers from 27 area high schools were among those attending the annual recruitment event Feb. 27-28 in Building 45. Participants explored the program through classroom tours and demonstrations, student project displays and faculty and alumni speakers.

?Apparel News Day is a popular recruiting event for the department,? says AMM chair Betty Tracy. ?It gives us a chance to talk to many different high schools and, of course, we hope it encourages students to come to Cal Poly Pomona for the AMM major.

?We hold this event every year for high school students, teachers, counselors and parents, and the interest continues to grow,? she says.

For the second year, the department will provide a $250 scholarship to a student attending Apparel News Day who registers in the fall as an AMM major. The winner will be selected at random in September.

In the apparel production lab, AMM students demonstrated a miniature version of the Eaton system, a conveyer system used in the fashion industry to increase production. High school students watched as fabric passed through the system to separate sewing stations, there to be made into cell phone covers.

?When most students think of apparel merchandising, they think of fashion design,? says Koffajuah Toeque, a senior AMM major. ?This demonstration ? and our event ? is meant to provide them a broader scope of the fashion industry, so that they not only think of design, but also engineering, production, pattern making, store design and buying.?

AMM department students develop a full understanding of the fashion industry and can specialize in retailing or production options. Cal Poly Pomona has the only program on the west coast that offers a bachelor of science degree in AMM.

High School students take a look at Cal Poly Pomona student projects for the Apparel and Merchandising Management program.