Students Meet in Marketplace for Dinner, Talk With Presidents

Students Meet in Marketplace for Dinner, Talk With Presidents
Presidents Bob Suzuki and Uwaifo Obanor chat during Dinner With the Presidents at the Campus Center Marketplace on Jan. 30.
President Bob Suzuki fields questions about issues such as parking and campus safety.

What kind of buses will replace the university trams, and will it take significantly longer to load and unload? Why is the elevator in building 8 not operating? Once the new residential suites are built, will the university renovate the existing residence halls to make them more ?user friendly??? These were just some of the questions President Bob H. Suzuki and Associated Students Inc. President Uwaifo Obanor fielded during a recent Dinner With the Presidents.

Hundreds of Cal Poly Pomona students gathered inside the Campus Center Marketplace Thursday, Jan. 30, for pizza and a chance to speak with the presidents.

Approximately 80 pizzas and 475 sodas were divvied up among the students at the event, which was hosted by the President?s Office and ASI.

Attendees took turns asking questions and voicing concerns about several campus issues, including parking, tram service, campus safety and the search for a new president. Both presidents and other university officials provided answers, advice and explanations to all questions.

One key topic was the upcoming vote on the ASI and University Union fee increases. Students asked where the money would go and whom it would benefit. Obanor explained that the increased fees would allow ASI to support additional programs and on-campus organizations, and even attract more well-known performing artists to university events.

?I really feel students will get bang for their buck, and that?s why it?s so important that you vote on the Student Opportunities Initiative on Feb. 5 and 6,? he said.

Before leaving, Suzuki thanked the students for attending the forum.

?We get very valuable input from students at all of these sessions,? he said.