POLY UPDATES – A New Way to Communicate at Cal Poly Pomona

Campus-wide e-mail messages remain the most consistent and effective way to get an important communication to the Cal Poly Pomona community. But the university has historically used this resource under two provisions:

1 – Communication from the President.
2 – Messages of an urgent nature to a global audience (not just a single department or college).

In an effort to get the message out, departments across campus have disseminated fliers via distribution services, a costly and frequently ineffectual way to correspond. Recognizing a need to address this economic issue while also enhancing campus communication, the Office of Public Affairs is proud to introduce POLY UPDATES.

Here is how it works:

POLY UPDATES will be a campus-wide e-mail that would be disseminated every Monday throughout the year to faculty and staff, providing a venue for all faculty or staff-based organizations to reach this audience with information they wish to share.

Faculty or staff-based campus organizations are asked to provide to the Public Affairs office the details of their announcement by 4 p.m. Thursday of the previous week along with a link to the entire announcement on their Web site. Any organization would be responsible to maintain their Web sites and ensure the integrity of information. The announcement may also appear on PolyCentric. Any faculty or staff-based organization will have access to Poly Updates.

POLY UPDATES will not be used in the event of an emergency or strategic messages from the President. The current policy on those messages will remain the same.

POLY UPDATES would not preclude an organization from also printing messages and sending them out via distribution services, as a limited number of staff do not have easy access to e-mail.

How to participate:

Just send a message to polyupdates@cpp.edu by 4 p.m. Thursday of every week to appear in the following Monday?s edition. This message needs to include the following:

1 ? A brief description for what you want to share. The Public Affairs office will create an appropriate headline and place the message in a dedicated section.

2 ? The first sentence or two of your communication. An example might be: The Cal Poly Pomona Academic Senate is now accepting nomination forms. For details link to http://www.cpp.edu/~senate/news/index.html.

Unless otherwise noted, the message will run on POLY UPDATES for only one week. We ask that you do not send the same message multiple times, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

When do we start?

Immediately. Just send your message to polyupdates@cpp.edu. Make sure your Web site and your message is ready to go BEFORE you e-mail us.

We anticipate that POLY UPDATES will benefit the campus community, enhancing campus communication on important issues and new developments.

We look forward to your input and participation.