LAO Would Cut Enrollment Funds

The Legislative Analyst?s Office, the nonpartisan office that provides fiscal and policy advice to the California Legislature, has released an analysis of Governor Gray Davis? 2003/04 budget proposal that essentially supports the governor's proposed budget reduction of $326.1 million for the CSU.

CSU leaders, however, continue to stand by the governor's proposal because the LAO's version calls for less enrollment funding than the governor has proposed. The CSU has warned that any reduction to its proposed enrollment funding could spell disaster for the university, given that students are currently being admitted for the fall 2003 semester.

“The CSU is already bracing for the net 10 percent reduction called for in the governor?s proposal. That alone will be difficult to manage,” said Richard P. West, the CSU?s executive vice chancellor and chief financial officer. “But if the CSU does not receive the enrollment funding that the governor has proposed, we will not have the funding to provide courses and sections for the students we have pledged to serve next year.”

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