Reported Sexual Assault Fabricated

Cal Poly Pomona police have verified that last week?s report of an on-campus sexual assault was false. The individual who made the complaint on Jan. 22 confessed that she fabricated the incident for personal reasons.

?Of course, we are relieved that no one was hurt,? said Ron Fremont, university spokesperson. ?But we are also very concerned that anyone would manipulate our law enforcement system for personal gain.?

Revelations that the sexual assault story had been fabricated came to light Monday afternoon, 20 minutes short of The Poly Post deadline for publication, said Sean Scully, the weekly newspaper?s adviser. For that reason, The Poly Post staff recast the story (which ran on Tuesday, Jan. 28), but could not fully rewrite it with details of the false report.

While no sexual attack took place, campus safety remains the university?s highest priority. The university will continue to strive to provide a safe professional and academic environment for the campus community.