Math Proficiency Up, English Down for Incoming CSU Students

The percentage of California State University freshmen entering in fall 2002 who were fully proficient in both English and math rose by three percentage points over last year, to 41 percent, according to a new report on CSU students? remedial education needs. However, while incoming students? math proficiency rates continued to rise, the report showed a decrease in English proficiency rates from the previous year.

?Proficiency improvements among entering freshman signal that the CSU?s approach to resolving remedial education problems of first-year freshmen is beginning to show results,? said David S. Spence, the CSU?s executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer. ?However, the report shows that we need to continue to work with the public schools to help high school students develop the math and English skills that they will need to succeed in college.?

The annual report, released at the Jan. 28 Board of Trustees meeting, is an outgrowth of a 1996 trustee policy on remedial education that set a goal of increasing the percentage of entering freshmen who are fully proficient to 90 percent by 2007. As a result of that policy, the CSU has developed a wide range of collaborative projects and has earned a national reputation as a leader in providing academic outreach and assistance to K-12 schools.

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