Gospel Choir Hits High Note at Annual Jubilation

Gospel Choir Hits High Note at Annual Jubilation
The Cal Poly Pomona Gospel Choir performed Negro Spirituals and traditional and contemporary gospel music on Nov. 23 in the Music Recital Hall.
U'Pal King from Human Resources performed “Yes He Will.”

The Cal Poly Pomona Gospel Choir performed its ?Gospel Jubilation? on Nov. 23 to a virtually full house in the Music Recital Hall. The student performing ensemble raised almost $200 to help fund the group?s classroom materials and scholarships.

?It was an outstanding event with students giving 100 percent, great audience participation and an excellent job by our special guests and staff participants,? says director Bobby Laird.

Laird invited the Claremont School of Theology Gospel Choir, the First Baptist Church of Pomona Bridge Choir and the Christ Cornerstone of Chino Praise Team to perform with the choir. The ensemble performed a mix of Negro Spirituals and traditional and contemporary gospel, including the works of Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood and Donnie McClurkin. Original compositions by Jay Snyder, a former music faculty member, and contemporary artist Eh-Man-Dah were also included.

Guest vocalists for the Gospel Jubilation included Cathy Kagel and K. Abrahm. U?Pal King from Human Resources was the feature vocalist for ?Yes He Will,? and also performed ?Yes, He?s on the Road Again? with student soloists Paul Haugen and Alvic Paje.

Guest instrumentalists included Roderick Hines, piano and keyboard; Jay Snyder, piano, Kennan Holloway, bass; Cal Poly Pomona music alumnus Damion Frigillana, percussion; and J. Dee, soprano sax.

?The purpose of this event is to show the various styles of gospel music and to give people a brief historical lesson on gospel music and the impact it has on the society in which we live,? says Laird. ?It?s also a way of helping others understand the African culture.?

Laird says his goal is to increase student participation in the gospel choir next semester. Only eight students took the course this fall.

?It?s a great course. It allows the students to learn the history of another culture and have fun doing it,? he says. ?This class is filled with excitement and students walk out feeling energetic and ready for another day.?

Bobby Laird, director of the Gospel Choir, invited nearby church groups to participate in the “Gospel Jubilation.”