Call for Papers

Faculty, staff and administrators are invited to submit articles based on scholarly research and other innovative activities to Cal Poly Pomona's Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. The deadline for submissions is Friday, Jan. 17. Submissions must include three laser quality hard copies — one without the author's name or affiliation — sent to John E. Karayan, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Accounting, College of Business Administration. Voice mail and fax numbers, along with e-mail and postal addresses, should be included in a cover letter. Submissions are to be formatted to match the presentation in the Journal's last issue, which can be viewed at Submissions should not exceed eight Journal pages, which translates in text-only to about 16 double-spaced pages of 12 point type and 1" margins. For more information, contact John E. Karayan at (909) 869-2367 or